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About Me

My name is Celina, I'm a Local Artist in Tucson Arizona.

I was born in Tucson, I always loved to draw, paint, and create new things. My passion grew as I got older. My Parents supported my creativity by sending me to private painting lessons, where I learned how to paint with oils.

Painting and drawing was my escape outlet from the world, I learned new brush strokes, mixing colors, using different brushes and mediums.

My passion continued to grow all through my adulthood. After I met my husband he joined the Airforce and we tied the knot, and our adventures began. His career allowed us to live in different states and countries.

It was in the United Kingdom where we were stationed that I found my passion for teaching others to paint. 

 It all started when my husband was deployed. I needed to surround myself with friends.


My passion for teaching others how to paint was an accomplishment for me. Everyone received the same instructions, but their paintings were all very different and unique. I was amazed and excited about what we accomplished that night.


My goal was to teach my friends my passion, to show them art is beautiful, everyone is unique, and anyone can paint. The best part of the night was enjoying everyone's company and seeing the joy on their faces when they completed their masterpiece.

Art should be relaxing and fun, the best art comes from your soul. My goal is to guide you and spark creativity and possibly a new passion for painting.

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